FAQ - frequently asked questions

? What are the requirements and limitations to run application?

The application does not require fast hardware or special software. It runs on Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7. It is necessary to install updates for these operating systems and required databases, but we are able to deliver all these components together with the installation files of the OwNet application.

? What should I do, if I want to use the OwNet application?

If you are interested in using our application, please contact us through the contact form on our web site.

? We have a slow Internet connection at our school, can OwNet help us?

Solving this problem is the main goal of OwNet. By its design OwNet is able to make web browsing much faster. These functions are described in the section "about".

? Is OwNet suitable for our school, even if we do not have problems with Internet connection?

Even if you have a fast and stable Internet connection, your connection might be overloaded by repeatedly downloading the same large content (e.g. videos). This problem can be easily solved by OwNet. And even if your connection can handle this, OwNet is able to enhance your web browsing experience by its special features such as rating, recommending and tagging of websites. These are the features that can help you find quality study resources or provide a way for teachers to easily spread study materials among their students.