About the project

Despite of the advancements in information and telecommunication technologies, slow and intermittent Internet connection is still a serious issue in many places of the World. We all know that Internet became one of the very important parts of our everyday lives. We believe that providing access to information on the Web is crucial and OwNet is application, which helps to make the Internet more accessible.

How it works?

The concept of our OwNet solution is aimed at utilizing available Internet connection by introducing an intermediary between client applications (e.g., a browser) and Internet connection. This intermediary operates upon requests from client applications and responses from web servers in order to deliver required functionality and experience. More precisely, it provides:

  • advanced caching of visited web-sites -it also prevents downloading the same content multiple times,
  • intelligent prefetching - mechanism to pro-actively download webpages of user’s interest and also on the basis of the interests of other users (user’s next step) during the link, idle time which results in user’s perception of having a faster Internet connection,
  • collaborative tools such as web pages ratings and recommendations by and for a community or a group (e.g., a same class).

Who is it for?

Application OwNet is mainly focused to help to students and schools with low quality Internet connection. This problem(slow and intermittent Internet connection) can be found almost in every world country, but it occurs espeacialy in developing ones. We believe that providing access to information on the Web is crucial for young people in this countries to get the required skills and acquire experience in order to finally achieve significant progress in solving problems of their countries.

But OwNet is not restricted just to over mentioned area of usage. This application can be helpfull also in situations, when there is temporary absence of Internet connection (e.g. travelling by train, during flights, travelling to remote locations...). Particularly OwNet's abillities of inteligent caching and prefetching is usefull in these situations.

Special Features

  • Faster web browsing - ensured by caching and prefetching of web sites
  • Web Browsing even without connection to Internet - also ensured by caching and prefetching of web sites
  • Cooperation and creating of user groups(e.g. study groups in school equipped by OwNet application)
  • Document sharing
  • Link recommendation and rating
  • Intelligent web browsing history
authors: Ľuboš Demovič, Martin Konôpka, Marek Láni, Matúš Tomlein, mentors: Dr. Michal Barla, prof. Mária Bieliková